Anfim Best On Demand Black Doserless Grinder

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The Anfim Best on Demand Grinder is specially designed to meet both the needs and wants of the most discerning home or small cafe barista. Whether you’re making espresso or filter coffee, this grinder gives you complete control and enjoy an unlimited grind size with stepless grind adjustment 

Anfim has built a great reputation with grinders such as the commercial SPII, and has inspired the design of the Best OD. Using 54mm Steel flat burrs, producing exceptional grind size distribution. Programmable dosing delivers consistent servings every time so you can focus on great flavour and save time. 

A direct Grinding path delivers fluffy consistent grinds to your portafilter or dosing cup, fast and cleanly. Using the universal cradle to fit any group handle, you’ll be able to grind out hands-free for a faster and more efficient workflow to your morning espresso. 

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Anfim On Demand Grinder Key Features

  • Speed To Grind: Espresso 1.5sec
  • Burrs: 54mm Flat Burrs
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 400g
  • Max output: 3kg/day
  • Weight: 7.6 kg
  • Dimensions: WxHxD (cm) 14.5 x 38 x 30 

Anfim On Demand Grinder Specifications

  • All Round Excellence in Grinding – Trusted name in Cafe Grinding performance now for the home user.
  • 54mm Flat Burrs – Sharp and robust burrs providing great evenness in the grounds and a clean flavour.
  • Stepless Adjustment – Change the grind size infinitely too dial in the perfect extraction. 
  • Hands-Free Grinding – Using the universal portafilter and auto-start button to make grinding a breeze.
  • Clean Grinds Delivery – Direct grind chute, short and aimed where you need it. 
  • Programmable Dosing – Choose programs to set timed grinding to achieve consistent dosing. 

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