Bezzera Domus Galatea 1 Group (Tank) Coffee Machine

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The Bezzera Domus Galatea is a high-end commercial style espresso machine designed for a home barista with the highest of standards.

It boasts Italian retro styling, standing out in any home coffee machine environment.

Featuring a 2 litre boiler and a heat exchanger the Bezzera Domus Galatea enables home barista's to froth and extract espresso at the same time.

The Bezzera Domus Galatea froths quickly and to perfection and with froth a 1 litre jug with ease.

The design of the coffee extraction piping ensures the machine extracts perfect shot after shot.

Bezzera's Domus Galatea certainly stands out from the crowd!


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Bezzera Domus Galatea Key Benefits

Body: Polished Stainless Steel
Steam Arm: Insulated steam arm
Hot Water Spout: Separate insulated outlet
Cup Warmer: Room to heat cups on top of machine
Gauges: Steam Pressure and Pump Pressure
Safety: Low water sensor for tank. Heating element safety cut out when no water detected in boiler.
Water Source: 4L Removable Tank


Bezzera Domus Galatea Specifications

Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
Element: 1450w
Group head: 58mm Faema E61
Boiler: 2L Copper Boiler with Heat Exchanger
Pump: Vibrating
Handles: Single and Double
Accessories: Blind basket & Measuring spoon & Group brush
Weight: 22.7 Kgs
Width: 360mm
Depth: 455mm
Height: 450mm
Made In: Italy
Manufacturer: Bezzera Coffee Machines

Further details can be found on Bezzera Domus Galatea here.

Looking for a Bezzera coffee machine with an E61 head, rotary pump and can be plumbed-in or run from an inbuilt tank?  The Bezzera Mitica Top has it all!

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