BWT BestMax Premium Cartridge “M” (4,200 Litres)

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BWT BestMax Premium Cartridge “M” (4,200 Litres).

NOTE: Please ensure that the correct procedure is followed such as removing pressure when changing filter cartridge. Details can be found on our website

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BWT bestmax PREMIUM is the only filter system in the world to use the patented BWT magnesium Technology, which has been awarded an innovation prize (Prize of the State of Upper Austria, 2011).

This BWT bestmax PREMIUM water filter uses multi-stage filtration to refine raw tap water into premium water through removing contaminants like sand, rust and dissolved organic compounds, while reducing heavy metals, chlorine and chlorine compounds.  Water is directed through a particle pre-filter before passing through an additional carbon pre-filter which safe-guards the high-performance ion exchanger.  Through ion change calcium is removed, which is responsible for limescale in coffee machines and also mineralises the water with magnesium.  It adjusts the mineral ratio in favour of magnesium, which is an excellent flavour carrier enhancing the sensory quality of water, carrying through to beverages made.

With the growing trend of tea and coffee enthusiasts and the demand for the best brew, it is becoming more apparent that water is causing compromised flavours.  Espresso, cold-brew beverages and tea all take on the flavour of the water when brewing.  Standard activated carbon filters remove odours and particulates but do not infuse water with the physiological benefits of magnesium; nor do they remove calcium which causes limescale in electrical appliances.

Furthermore, customers who have used the water filters have reported more pronounced flavour profiles of beverages and crema becoming more homogenous and melting in the mouth consistency.