BWT Filter Jug 2.7 Litre (Magnesium Ion Replacement) with 3 Cartridges

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The BWT Filter Jug 2.7 Litre provide magnesium-enriched drinking water that enhances the full aroma of tea and coffee and is also totally satisfying when drunk on its own. The magnesium gives it a particularly natural, balanced and fresh flavour.

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The BWT Magnesium mineralising water filter jug is a portable, stylish and easy-to-use water filtration option. It is the ideal solution for those who are after a convenient way to remove unwanted sediment, taste and odour from water to provide effective protection against limescale build up from damaging electrical appliances, like coffee machines.

The Magnesium water filter initially uses a fine fabric which blocks particles straight from the tap. It then channels the water through Stage One of filtration using a patented filter with activated carbon. This filter absorbs taste and aroma inhibiting substances such as chlorine from the water.  Stage two removes heavy metals (copper, lead, etc.) as well as calcium which are ion exchanged for Magnesium and Hydrogen providing an enhanced taste experience.  After the extraction of all these minerals and substances, the water passes through a filter screen to ensure water is clean and clear and ready for use.

The patented Magnesium technology provides the perfect taste and full aroma of tea and coffee without harmful substances.