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Lelit Combi Anita PL42EMI Coffee Machine

Lelit is a family-run industry that designs and produces espresso coffee machines in Italy for either household or professional use. Lelit’s espresso machines can create exceptional espressos as they ensure their machines has been conceived and designed to grant the optimal temperature and water pressure conditions.

The Lelit Combi Anita (PL42EMI) an espresso machine combined with a burr grinder for easiness and compactness without compromising the results from the coffee beans extraction and espresso brewing.


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Lelit Combi Anita (PL42EMI) Key Benefits

  • Body: Lightweight Stainless Steel
  • Steam Arm: Multi-directional ball jointed and improved steam strength over the older versions of PL42.
  • Hot Water Spout: Separate outlet
  • Cup Warmer: Room to heat cups on top of machine. Approximately 3 cups.
  • Gauges: Steam Pressure
  • Water Source: 3.5L Removable Tank

Lelit Combi Anita (PL42EMI) Specifications

  • Power: 240V 50-60Hz
  • Element: 1250W
  • Group head: 57.9mm Lelit
  • Type: Single Boiler
  • Boiler: 250ml Brass
  • Pump: Vibrating
  • Pressure Limiting Valve (OPV): 9 BAR
  • Grinder: In-built PL043MM conical burr grinder
  • Accessories: ESE filter; Single Filter Basket; Double Filter Basket; Blind Filter; 1 Portafilter; Plastic Tamper (built-in)
  • Weight: 12.2 Kgs
  • Width: 320mm
  • Depth: 270mm
  • Height: 370mm
  • Made In: Italy
  • Manufacturer: Lelit Espresso

Further details can be found on Lelit Combi PL042EMI here.


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