Lelit Mara X (PL62X) Coffee Machine

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Lelit Mara X is manufactured by the Italian Lelit company which is a family-run industry that designs and produces espresso coffee machines in Italy for either household or professional use. Lelit’s espresso machines can create exceptional espressos as they ensure their machines has been conceived and designed to grant the optimal temperature and water pressure conditions.

The Lelit Mara is a small footprint Heat Exchanger machine with 58mm group head

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Stainless Boiler
It now has a stainless boiler (Mara S has copper boiler) with 1.8 litre capacity Stainless steel AISI 316L heat exchanger E61-type group with mechanical pre-infusion. Heating of group sped up by thermosyphon circulation through double probe HX system (Patent pending).

Power Saving
Lelit Mara X comes equipped with a sophisticated power saving system that reduces the pressure in the steam boiler when not in use. This means saving a lot of power and eliminating unnecessary waste. The warm-up time once the machine is turned on is a maximum of 24 minutes.

Satin-finish Construction
Lelit Mara X design is coupled with an excellent build quality as a result of its brushed stainless steel body, its drain tray and cup warmer complete with a self-cleaning grate.

New Pump
Lelit Mara X is extremely silent (sounds just like a rotary pump) thanks to a patent pending system and provides a water flow projected to extract the best out of different coffee types and roasts, during each extraction phase.


Lelit Mara X (PL62X) Key Benefits

  • 1.8L stainless boiler with heat exchanger and thermo-syphon double cycle system to have the brewing group and the boiler always warm, at the right temperature.
  • Internal pipes in copper
  • Internal PID temperature controller, instead of pressure stat (PID is not user settable externally, internal adjustment only)
  • Spring-loaded professional taps
  • Pressure gauge zero adjustment
  • Stainless steel backlit On/Off switch
  • Water level control in the tank and automatic heating element cut off in cases of low of water.
  • Double manometer to check the brew and steam pressure.
  • Manual rearm security thermostat
  • Settable overpressure valve
  • Anti-burn steam and water wands
  • Stainless steel on/off switch.
  • Machine in heating led and/or machine is ready led
  • 58mm LELIT filterholder to be operated with ground coffee.

Lelit Mara X (PL62X) Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22cm wide 40cm deep 36cm high
  • Accessories: 
  • Weight: 18,8 kg
  • Tank capacity: 2,7 lt
  • Heating element: 1400W
  • Pump: 48W / 15 bar
  • Made In: Italy
  • Manufacturer: Lelit Espresso

Further details can be found on Lelit PL61T here.

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