Quick Mill Vetrano Dual Boiler EVO PID Coffee Machine with Flow Controller

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This Quick Mill Vetrano machine works with a rotary pump that makes the machine extremely quiet compared to the other equipped with a vibration pump. This also allows the machine to run from the tank or be plumbed into your mains connection.

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B features an E61 group head, allowing good stability of extraction temperature and is equipped with PID.  This allows you to adapt the extraction temperature to the type of coffee that it is utilized.

The look is a masterpiece, the edges of the side panels are rounded, the front edges can be lighted up from LED strips (option to turn on or off).


Quick Mill Vetrano Specifications

  • Coffee boiler 0,75 litres.
  • Steam boiler 1,400 litres.
  • Coffee heater 800 Watts 230Vac
  • Steam heater 1400 Watts 230Vac
  • Coffee safety thermostat
  • Steam safety thermostat
  • Steam probe MAX level
  • Electronic floater sensor for the water tank
  • Static relays for heating of coffee and steam
  • Double scale gauge
  • Rotary pump with external right side adjustment
  • PID temperature control with independent adjustment for coffee and steam.
  • Anti-burn steam wand
  • Anti-burn hot water wand
  • Switch to turn off brew boiler
  • Hatch for filling water tank
  • Ergonomic knobs exclusive Quick Mill
  • Ability to connect to the direct water connection
  • 3 litre Water tank
  • Switch for the use with water tank or direct water connection
  • Adjustable feet
  • Certified safety valve

Further details can be found on Quickmill Vetrano here.

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