Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R Espresso Machine

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Rocket Giotto Mozzafiato R Espresso Machine is the updated and newer look for the Rocket Giotto which we all know and love!  It will look sleek and slender in your kitchen and taking up minimal space with its classic design.  Coupled with the reliability and reputation for excellence in coffee machine equipment Rocket has built for themselves, you will not be disappointed.  Featuring a commercial standard E61 group head with theropsyphon, and lever activation for coffee shot, built in PID and a digital shot timer to gauge optimal extraction timing.  This machine features a durable rotary pump to deliver consistent group head pressures for consistent extraction from every shot.  The Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R has a Rotary pump version, allowing the machine to maintain a consistent extraction pressure and be plumbed direct to a mains water supply. The styling of this machine is sleek and slender compared to the flared sides that we are accustomed to from the Rocket Giotto. The difference between the Mozzafiato and Giotto is the design of the machines external styling.

Available - In Stock


The Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R Espresso Machine is the perfect machine for customers who demand excellence in their coffee equipment with whisper quiet operation.  This machine comes with a full size commercial rotary pump to deliver excellent cups of coffee every time.  It also features an E61 group head with thermpsyphon, built in PID and a digital shot timer to gauge the optimal extraction timing.

Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R Espresso Machine Heat Exchanger Key Benefits

  • Body: Polished Stainless Steel panels
  • Steam Arm: Cool touch steam arm
  • Shot Timer: Digital shot timer for precise extraction time
  • Hot Water Spout: Separate insulated outlet
  • Cup Warmer: Heated cup warmer on top of machine with stainless steel cup frame
  • PID Control: PID control for greater temperature stability
  • Gauges: Boiler & pump pressure gauge with easy read display
  • Safety: Low water level indicator and safety cut out of element when there is no water
  • Water Source: 2.9L Removable Tank OR Direct to mains water supply.

Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R Espresso Machine Heat Exchanger Specifications

  • Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
  • Element: 1200w
  • Group head: 58mm E61 Brew Group
  • Boiler: 1.8L Heat Exchange Boiler
  • Pump: Full size commercial Rotary Pump
  • Handles: Double spout and Naked
  • Accessories: 14g filter (double); 21g filter; blind filter; tamper; cleaning brush; instruction manual
  • Weight: 30.2 Kgs
  • Width: 280mm
  • Depth: 425mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Made In: Italy
  • Manufacturer: Rocket Espresso Coffee Machines

Further details can be found on the Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro V Coffee Machine here

As an alternative, check out the Bezzera GALATEA DOMUS which also features a heat exchanger.

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