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Vibiemme Coffee Machine Repairs Brisbanevibiemme coffee machine repairs brisbane

Our specialist Vibiemme Coffee Machine Repairs centre is located conveniently in Woolloongabba and offers professional routine servicing of your Vibiemme Domobar and Domobar Junior coffee machines.  Vibiemme coffee machines require regular servicing to ensure they are kept in perfect working order.  Made in Italy by one of the largest coffee machine manufacturers, protect your investment by ensuring your coffee machine is serviced by the people who know what they are doing.

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Ideally, your Vibiemme Domobar should be serviced once every 12 months to ensure that it is maintained in top working order.  A routine service of your VBM is done at a fixed price as per our price schedule with a turnaround time of 5 to 10 working days guaranteed!  Read further details below on our exclusive guarantees.

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Guaranteed Repaired Within 10 Days or Loaner Machine

We guarantee to repair any all the domestic models of the following brands Rancilio – Wega – Bezzera – Vibiemme – Isomac – Expobar – Elektra – Rocket within 10 days – no excuses.

If we are unable to complete the repair of your coffee machine within this timeframe, we will provide you with a loaner machine until your machine is repaired.

Repair Guaranteed for 90 Days

We guarantee all our repairs for a period of 90 days from the date of invoice.  This does not extend to other issues that may arise due to a different part of the machine subsequently failing.  Any repair guarantee issues will require the machine to be returned to our service centre.

Truly wonderful service

My machine is a La Scala Butterfly, group E61 heat exchanger. It needed attention badly. CMS did a fantastic job making it feel like a new machine. They were thorough and when the report came back it included photos of parts of the machine before and after where repairs were needed. There was also a box of bits that had been replaced which made feel somewhat ashamed of how I had treated it in the last year. The turnaround was fast and the cost was reasonable. I highly recommend CMS.

John Flood
La Scala Butterfly

Hi guys – my VBM’s going really well ...

Hi guys – my VBM’s going really well; thanks for the great (prompt) service; great follow-up and super great customer service!

Rose P

Coffee Machine Repairs Brisbane by the Coffee Machine Specialists is a guarantee to satisfaction and enjoyment of your machines for years to come!