Coffee Machine Repair Brisbane

Welcome to Brisbane’s finest Coffee Machine Repair Centre, specialising in the service & repair of all home coffee machine brands.

With all the coffee machine repairs and service that we undertake, we have a very strict booking-in, servicing and post servicing process that we follow. This is part of the reason we have built a reputation as one of the leading provider for coffee machine repairs in Brisbane. We treat all customer coffee machines with love and care as you would expect from getting any premium appliance or motor vehicle serviced. All coffee machine repairs are undertaken by qualified coffee machine technicians to the appropriate factory standard. coffee machine repair brisbane workshop

One thing we do that is different from other companies undertaking coffee machine repairs in Brisbane is that we have a separate person to who serviced the coffee machine do a post repair bench test to ensure that all issues with the machine have been properly addressed and the repaired coffee machine is thoroughly cleaned.

PLEASE NOTE: Within the routine service, there is a health checkup of your machine. If issues are found, we continue to undertake these repairs up to a pre-approved nominal value of $495 without contact. If you wish the potential repairs to be undertaken up to a lower budgeted value, you are welcomed to vary this with our CMS team prior to signing the Service Request Form. If the combined value of the service and repairs are to exceed the amount, you will be contacted for approval prior to the work being undertaken.

The reason we ask for this pre-approved value of $495 is that it is sometimes not possible to fully complete the servicing of a coffee machine without addressing issues as they are found.

Servicing Terms & Conditions

What is Covered in Coffee Machine Repair Routine Service?

We believe in being very thorough with our fixed price domestic routine coffee machine service and have a strict process that we follow.

The standard service includes the includes the following:

  • coffee machine repair brisbane boiler probesComplete service under the group head including removal and replacement of group seal and shower.
  • Complete service of taps including changing of gaskets and O-rings and greasing of tap spindles.
  • Servicing of steam arms and water arms including replacing of gaskets if required and application of lubricants to moveable parts
  • Removal and cleaning of boiler water level sensors if required.
  • Checking of all pipes for leaks
  • Diagnosis and fixing of minor issues (maximum of 15 minutes)
  • Checking that group head pressure is running as per factory specification and adjust if possible (model dependent).

coffee machine repairs price scheduleOur detailed procedures ensure that all these steps are followed consistently to ensure that your routine coffee machine service is undertaken to exacting standards.


NOTE: All our routine coffee machine services are fixed price which includes all applicable gaskets, o-rings and showers.  Details can be found on our Price Schedule.



Once again a fast, efficient service for my Bezerra coffee machine and Rancilio Grinder.
Kept informed all the way about progress of repairs, very happy with the experience!

Ian Calder
Comedy Relief Pty Ltd

Recent Giotto Rocket service

Dropped the Rocket off for a complete service after 8 some years and paid the extra for quick turnaround.
As promised, the machine was ready in 3 days and now works as if it were new. I was shown all of the cruddy parts that were replaced and even bought the old Girl a new cup surround as a get well pressie (looks spiffy)
Definitely a good service is on offer here, very rare these days!!
As for us (the Rocket and me) we're in love again!

John Edwards

UBER quick service with amazing results

Not only was my last service (on bz99s) incredibly speedy, but the machine feels and runs better then new!

Thank you Chris, Beck & Mark for always having an answer (and time!) for my sometimes odd questions about all things coffee (machines, grinder, etc)... Your knowledge and the level of service you provide is outstanding!
Keep up the awesome work!
Merry Xmas,

Yes we did have our machine serviced ....

Yes we did have our coffee machine serviced a couple of weeks and I can’t fault the service at all. A couple of seals required replacing and one of the parts was replaced under warranty even though my warranty had expired a few days before. I had it to you by 10am and it was ready for pick up by 2.30pm which is exactly what you said when I called to book it in. Yes it cost a little more for the same day service but the convenience of not having to take more time off work was well worth it.

I bought my husband this machine for his birthday last year and to say he loves it would be an understatement!

Colleen M
Bezzera Mitica

Fast Servicing

This was the first time I have had my Rancilio Silvia serviced . I was informed of what was going to be done before work started . I got the machine back within 5 days and it is working like new ...thank you well recommended

Brian Timms