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Bezzera Matrix DE (Volumetric) with Doserless Grinder Package

Bezzera Matrix DE with Doserless Grinder Package – Combine the Bezzera Matrix DE with your choice of recommended domestic doserless coffee grinder and save up to $350 off RRP!

The Matrix DE is a dual boiler machine that features a 0.45L brew boiler and a 1L service boiler, which incorporates innovation of Electronics with intuitive software combined with efficient volumetric controls.

The Bezzera Matrix DE is manufactured by Bezzera who have been perfecting the production of high-end coffee machines for more than 110 years!


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Product Description

Bezzera Matrix DE (Volumetric) with Doserless Grinder Package

Match your new Bezzera Matrix DE (Volumetric)  with a recommended domestic doserless grinder

Quamar Q50 Push (Black)

Quamar Q50 Push Grinder is precise, compact and noise-free grinder from well-established Italian maker Quamar. It is more suitable for decaffeinated coffee or special brews. It includes flat burns and can grind up to 1.4 Kg of coffee per day.

Bezzera BB005 Doserless Grinder

Manufactured by Bezzera, a family owned and run company since 1901. The Bezzera BB005 is a reliable, rock solid performer in the domestic grinder market. It features a functional, easy to use push-button design for dispensing the freshly ground coffee and has a very small footprint.

Macap M2M Doserless Grinder (Black)

Build to last, the Macap M2M has a sleek design. Easy to use and value for money, the M2M has a small footprint perfect for kitchens where bench space is at a premium. Founded in 1930, Macap manufactures their grinders for over 50 countries establishing their reputation as a producer of high quality, durable espresso equipment.

Mazzer Mini Electronic Type B (Black)

Mazzer Mini Electronic Type B gives you speed and quiet at the same time. It is doseerless but has programmable dosing which gives total control from 4 to 16 grams per measure as per your requirement.

Doser vs Doserless Grinder

Doser – a doser is a chamber at the front of a grinder. Beans are ground from the hopper (bean holder) into the doser chamber. Inside the doser is a star, as you engage the lever, the star turns and distributes the coffee from the chamber into your handle (usually about 7 grams). For the doser to work correctly, the star should be covered. A doser grinder is perfect for high-use environments such as cafes & restaurants, in a small business where staff are regularly drinking coffee during the day or home environment where the user is frequently entertaining guests

Doserless – The coffee is ground from the hopper (bean holder) directly into your handle by the push of a button (or electronic dosage top of the line models). This doserless method ensures that fresh coffee is ground directly into your handle every time you make a coffee making a doserless grinder perfect for the home environment when most users are making coffee just morning and evening, and at intervals during the day on weekends.

Coffee begins to deteriorate from the moment it is ground and as such, we at Coffee Machine Specialist recommend grinding your beans as close to the time of brewing your coffee as possible, making doserless coffee grinders our recommended choice for general home use and the recommendation to match with the Bezzera Matrix DE in the Bezzera Matrix DE with Doserless Grinder Package


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