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ECM Puristika ANTHRACITE PID Single Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine

ECM Puristika PID espresso machine is a simple to operate machine designed for espresso lovers! It features a highly desirable E61 group with a stainless steel single boiler with a vibrating pump . It comes with Electronic PID to help moderate your temperatures accordingly for the best brew temperature to single degree which is unusual for single boiler machine.

With an extremely compact design and premium finishes, it has great bench presence and is understated for its feature set.


Features of the ECM Puristika PID include:

  • Digital PID Controller – giving you total control and perfect timing
  • Total Control – Metal lever switch and control lamps for the “On/Off” function
  • Vibrating pump – high-performance vibrating pump

$2,140.00 incl. GST


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