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Fiorenzato All Ground Sense Coffee Grinder – Arctic White/Walnut Wood

Fiorenzato All Ground Sense – Arctic White/Walnut Wood (64mm, Flat Burr, Stepped, Grind by weight)

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Fiorenzato has unveiled the AllGround Sense, a grinder featuring integrated scales, meticulously designed to thrive in various settings without overlooking precise measurements.

Positioned as a top-tier grinder, the AllGround Sense is ideal for both home aficionados and the specialty coffee community. This adaptable grinder promises optimal output and highlights the subtle aromatic notes of coffee, courtesy of its instantaneous grinding functionality and a custom display.

Distinguished by its 64-millimeter diameter burrs crafted from food-grade material, the AllGround Sense boasts a robust dark titanium coating, ensuring prolonged durability and preserving the exceptional taste of coffee.


Dimensions: 169x440x240mm

Net Weight: 9kg

Burr Size: 64mm

Burr Material: DLC

Power: 250W

Dimensions: 169x440x240mm

Hopper Capacity: 250gr

Grind Adjustment: Continuous

RPM: 1400/min (50Hz) – 1600/min (60Hz)

Net Weight: 9kg

Porter Filter Holder: Yes

Controls Espresso: Single, Double Dose, ON/OFF for Filter

Burr Type: Flat


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