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Fiorenzato F4 Eco Coffee Grinder – Black

Fiorenzato is well known in the coffee industry as a leader in commercial espresso grinders, used extensively in many of the best espresso bars and cafes in Australia. The F4 ECO is the miniaturised version of these larger commercial models.

To say that this is a professional grade grinder is no overstatement. The F4 is used extensively in commercial environments for lower volume applications. This makes it a perfect home espresso grinder – it is fast, quiet, ultra-compact and performs exceptionally with consistency and reliability.

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Product Description

The Fiorenzato F4 E Nano is an electronic coffee grinder with simple micrometric grinding adjustment and a touch screen where you’re able to change the dose for both a single or a double cup as well as a button for a continuous grind.

Compact and versatile, the F4 eco coffee grinder guarantees lower consumption without having to say goodbye to perfect grinding and a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Every detail has been studied to ensure utmost efficiency and practicality of use.


Fiorenzato F4 Eco Features

  • Stepless grinding adjustment collar.
  • Continuous dosing via a microswitch that detects the handle being locked into the grinder.
  • Fast and accurate grind performance: approx. 9 secs for 20g at espresso grind.
  • Compact coffee bean hopper (capacity approx. 600g).
  • Continuous micrometric grinding adjustment.
  • System single-dose, manual operation, and
  • Grinding adjustment with ring nut.
  • System single-dose, manual operation or with an adjustable timer
  • Touch Display, 3 keys (including 2 programmable): 1 cup, 2 cups, continuous


Fiorenzato F4 Eco Specifications

  • Ring nut micrometric grinding adjustment: continuous
  • Varnishing: standard
  • Fork: adjustable
  • Power: 250 watt
  • Blades type: flat
  • Blades diameter: Ø 58 mm
  • Blades revs: 1400/min (50 Hz),1600/min (60 Hz)
  • Coffee bean hopper capacity: 500 g
  • Net weight: 10 kg
  • Dimensions: 169x473x240 mm


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