Temptag Pro Thermometer – 3 Sheets

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TEMPTAG PRO THERMOMETERS – Indicates ideal milk temp by changing colour. Adheres to milk jug. NOT dishwasher safe.

Available - In Stock

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The Temptag Pro is the next generation of milk temperature control.

It features three windows, the first window reacts at 55°C, the second window reacts at 65°C and the third window reacts at 70°C, making it easier for baristas to keep up with steaming different milk types at different temperatures.

The Temptag Pro gives the barista an instant indication of the milk temperature as each window reveals the temperature as it is steamed. The easy to read sticker makes steaming milk effortless and consistent.

Proudly designed and made in Australia. The pack contains 3 sheets of 4 Temptag Pro stickers.


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